Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Electric Transit

Windmill painted on side of Max Train as I passed by in another Max Train.

One of the goals of this summers travels was riding Portland's Max Train. Staying in a motel room in Portland, OR. I just took the Max out to Beaverton and back.

A driver ask, "where's your umbrella?" Portland was experiencing a shower. I said, "The train is my umbrella."

Sitting a short while in Beaverton waiting to pick up a new load of passengers. I just stayed on the train and headed back downtown.

The means of transit was the destination.

Stay tuned for more about this summer's travels via bicycle, train and so forth.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it just great on how transportation is getting easier nowadays. Lately I choose to ride the train or the sub way than to drive my own car. It totally minimizes the total time I use to travel, it avoids traffic and its cheaper than to pay for gasoline on the daily basis