Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pat Robertson and the local GOP

Pat Robertson is getting a lot of deserved flack for his comments about Haiti in 2010.

Imagine, in 1988 Robertson was nominated as the Presidential candidate from the Republican Party of Washington State. His followers packed the party caucuses that year.

Washington didn't have a presidential primary, but used the neighborhood caucus system to field delegates to the state and national party conventions.

It was said that an "invisible army" of Christian conservatives dominated the state Republican caucuses and Robertson became the nominee that year.

Only in Washington; not Washington DC. of course. West coast state of Washington.

Most of the other states went for Bush senior and he became the Republican nominee who then ran against Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis.

The GOP in Washington had to be different that year. Oh well, it's variety.

I went to the Democratic Caucus and put in a vote for Dukakis that year.

It almost rhymes.

Go to the caucus and vote for Dukakis.

Remembering 1988.

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