Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hope to see democracy flourishing in the Arab world

Hope they can get rid of Gadhafi soon.

It looks like things are turning out good in Egypt so far, according to the news. There's hope for Libya. Democracy seems to be taking hold in Eastern Libya so far.

This is a paradigm shift for a large region of the world. Even though many have died, it looks encouraging. Like when the Berlin Wall came down.

Hopefully the west can do without low priced oil temporarily. Some of those dictatorships were propped up by efforts to maintain a stable oil supply. My overhead is low so even as our economy takes it's bumps from world events, I don't have a lot of bills. Glad my rent remains low. For transportation, of course, I ride my bike as I always have. I'm a non driver.

What's the price of democracy? For those who are fighting for it, a lot including possibly death. For us in the west, possibly a slight and temporary bump in oil prices.

Best news to come out of Middle East for a long time.

Popular uprisings for less repressive regimes and more democracy. Popular uprisings from the grassroots level. Normally I hear a lot of bad news from the Middle East, but now more of the news sounds encouraging. Hurray for the popular uprisings toward more democratic societies. The Arab Spring.

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