Saturday, September 10, 2011

World Trade Center memories from 40 years ago

Is it time for the media to move on from the horrible memories of ten years ago on 9/11?

I basically think yes. It should be remembered like we remember World War II. That was a tragedy also.  Doesn't have to be the focus of current news and mindsets, but it still comes up in documentaries and so forth.  Remembering to try and prevent another Hitler from happening.  Remembering the heroism of past service members and so forth, but not having the media dominated by it. The mood of the country can move on, for the most part. Look to the future. Yes, various police agencies still need to be vigilant to keep up the guard, but that's a separate issue from having the mood of our country be dominated by 9/11.

I considered not writing about it myself, but friends suggested my views needed to be heard along with all the expected ten year hype about this topic.

Then I thumbed through some of my 1971 mail.  Mail from 40 years ago when I was in high school and wrote to the World Trade Center for information.  They sent a bunch of clippings and brochures that I still have.

More pleasant memories than a tragedy, but how dated.  Space age communication with reel to reel tape and cameras as large as washing machines.  Computers with cathode ray tubes and even push button phones.

Cutting edge, for 1971.

Pictures from World Trade Center brochures and a New York Times advertising supplement.

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