Saturday, June 02, 2012

Some pictures of 4Th annual used appliance soapbox derby in Bellingham

Appliance race where people make soapbox derby cars out of old appliances in Bellingham. Race down Maple Street between State and Cornwall. Sponsored by appliance reuse shop called Appliance Depot.

Crowd along Maple St. near some new downtown apartments.

I took photos while the go carts where being pushed back up the hill.

Refirgerator headed back up the hill for another downhill run.

Human brake.

A dryer mobile.

Below pictures taken June 2010 at a different location, Bay Street.

Appliance Races drew crowd to corner of Holly and Bay Streets. The buildings look kind of neat from that corner. Old B&B Furniture Building at left; a triangular shape. Mount Baker Apartments and then the tallest building is Bellingham Towers. It's Bellingham's old downtown skyline.

Bicycling a washing machine. Legs through the lint screens.

It was a race, but I can imagine these would make good entries in a parade as well.

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