Saturday, August 18, 2012

A trip with no destination can be less troublesome

My trip doesn't have a definent destination. Some may wonder, or at least I wonder on rare occasion if I'm ggoing anywhere or accomplishing anything. Years ago when I crossed USA there was a goal even though I told people I was going toward rather than to the east coast. Now I'm just riding around in Washington and Oregon. Mostly areas I've already been.

When I took train from Seattle to Albany, Oregon they told me that one couldn't check my stuff to Albany because that station isn't staffed when the train arrives so there is no baggage service. I thought about cancelling going to Oregon and just staying in the Puget Sound region. A friend of mine is housesitting in Seattle so it's an opportunity to have a free headquarters in that expensive city. Then the baggage person said I could check my bags for next day's train which would arrive when the Albany station was attended. Means a delay and staying around albany an extra day, but with no hard and fast plan, it worked. Another friend lives in Albany so I decided to spend some time with him. Trip out of Albany delayed, but where am I going anyway?

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