Monday, June 17, 2013

My gallery for our 2013 WNBR clothing optional ride in Bellingham is posted on Flickr

Follow link to my Gallery on Flickr. Photos rated "G" will show and Flickr members can turn off safety filters to see photos rated more "R."

The ride was a great success with an estimate of around 120 participants. It was "low carbon footprint" fun. Protesting the shells that hide us in more ways than one. The automobile being one of those shells.

Above photo taken on Holly Street soon after police tried to politely ask riders to cover up certain parts. During the last few years, ride has been allowed until, supposedly, the first citizen complaint is called in. As culture evolves, quite a few cities, such as Seattle, are starting to make room for this event. The solstice parade, in Seattle's Fremont Neighborhood is becoming a major tourist draw.

In our society, eroticism is used to sell beer, cars and then weight loss diets. Why not use some of that energy to advocate healthy and low carbon footprint lifestyles?

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