Friday, June 21, 2013

I'd make a clickable band switch for AM, FM and Internet Radio

If I was to invent a style of radio today, I'd try to bring back the concept of the slide rule dial. Possibly using LCD technology. I'd also use the concept of bands. "AM," "FM" and "Internet Radio." Yes, Internet radio would be a "band" also. It would be selectable from a click able band switch.

AM and FM would work and could be used in areas without WIFI or internet access, or if people are trying to save on things like cellphone minutes.

The internet radio dial could look like a regular radio dial with stations strung along a set of numbers, but it would have to be handled differently than a regular radio dial since there are so many stations. Possibly there would be two dial systems for the internet band. One would be a search engine concept for choosing stations for the presets and the other could be the slide rule dial for tuning the stations after the presets had been developed by the radio user.

A fourth band for HD Radio could be included also, but it seems like HD radio isn't really taking off as a technology that well. If HD was seamlessly included in more radios, it might gain more acceptance among the public.

That's what we need for radio. A seamless radio experience that uses bands for tuning AM, FM, Internet and possibly HD as well.

Pictured above. 1960s, or 70s style portable, tabletop, transistor radio with slide rule dial.

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