Saturday, October 17, 2015

Discussing who won the Democratic debate is not that useful

Its not useful to discuss who won or lost the October 13 Democratic debate. People keep saying some polls and internet traffic went for Bernie while CNN and big time media gives it to Hillary as if not caring about grass roots evidence. It doesn't seem like it was about winning or loosing, but more about having the issues discussed and showcasing the candidates. Winning, or loosing isn't going to matter until the elections anyway. The Diane Rehm Show just discussed the issues without much speculation over who won or lost. Also gave coverage to the other 3 "also ran" candidates on that platform who I've already forgotten their names.

Yes, I very well might vote for Bernie in the primary (if we have a primary in Washington State. Maybe it's "caucus" here?) At the same time, I worry, as someone brought up on Diane Rehm, that Bernie could become another George McGovern who only carried one state and the District of Columbia in the 1972 election. Like happened to George McGovern back then, maybe Bernie can't win the general election because he could be classified as too far to the left? That's a legitimate concern, but it has nothing to do with winning or loosing that debate.

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