Friday, March 04, 2016

What's really behind the partition

Mildly erotic commentary.

One night I dreamed that there was a brand new 24 story building in downtown Bellingham. The top floor was a sky lounge to be rented out for various business meetings. It wasn't used very much as the business world was in recession.

Down the street was a funky old space where folks would dance. The whole room full of hippies dancing in among one another free form. Many ages and styles all boogieing to the music.

The manager of the tall building came to the funky dance and liked what he saw. He invited the dancers to come up to his sky lounge as there was seldom anyone using it. The dancers could use the space for free so it would look like the almost empty 24 story building had life and vitality. Downtown vibrancy.

The dancers agreed and started having their dances in the sky lounge with a view out over Bellingham Bay.

After a few weeks, on the night that the dance was supposed to happen, plans had to be changed. A business meeting had been scheduled for the sky lounge. Short notice, but some client actually came with a checkbook. The manager told the dancers that they could still dance, but only half the space was available. The other half would be for the business meeting. There's a retractable partition that went across to divide the sky lounge into two spaces. The dance can flourish on one side and the "big bucks suit and tie" business meeting can use the other half. Just turn down the music a bit and everyone can coexist.

So the dance got started, but one of the dancers accidentally leaned against the button controlling the partition. The wall rolled open revealing what the business meeting actually was. It was a pay to view gay porn strip show. That's business for you.

Folks would pay big money to watch some of the cutest guys strip naked and dance on a stage.

When the wall came open, some of the dancers danced off the stage and mingled among the free form dance party. Soon the audience for the strip show was surrounded by dancers on all sides. Some of the dancers clothed, some nude, some just titillatingly shirtless. All of them boogieing to the wonderful music. Audience members started loosening up their suits and ties while some even stripped all the way. Everyone joined in the dance.

After that, they decided to merge the two events and have a clothing optional, everyone in their own style, inclusive, age diversified, erotic, eclectic, healthy dance party.

Version one of this piece.

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