Friday, April 15, 2016

No hope in logic sign near Bellingham waterfront

Reader board has been near Bellingham's waterfront for a while saying there's no hope in logic. I'm assuming theological thinking.

A friend of mine said, I wouldn't want to take my engine to a repair shop that doesn't believe in logic.

This different sound byte can be the start of many a philosophical discussion. Is there no hope in logic because logic and evidence tends to point away from any hope in life after death?

Then again, I got to thinking that many fundamentalist religious beliefs have a logic; a rigid logic. Like clockwork, fundamentalists tend to follow their systems of belief that follow logical progressions. This logic often based on false pretense.

As for hope, I have hope that we still have a lot more to learn. We, as humans, haven't figured everything out yet.

Other side of sign with moon in background.

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