Thursday, February 18, 2021

Rush Limbaugh has died. I wasn't a fan of Limbaugh, but I just found out another fairly conservative host that I did listen to occasionally, Bill Wattenburg, died in 2018

Interesting that a titian on the right in talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, has died.

Radio seems "under the radar" for much of this country's population that watches more television. Still, radio is quite effective; like part of the forgotten underbelly of America. Lots of people do listen to radio while driving. Truck drivers, for instance.

In some rural parts of the country, it seems like about all one could pick up was either country and western music, or Rush Limbaugh. These are also areas where TV signals are harder to get and broadband internet is less available.

NPR provides, in my opinion, a more informative perspective and there are attempts to bring the NPR signal to many rural areas using various repeaters; including here in Bellingham.

I like to tune up and down the dial listening to a wide variety of radio. I'm more into radio than video; partially because I tend to fall asleep watching things. I do better with audio while moving around, such as at work, taking a walk, or cleaning house.

I also sleep to NPR, but that's a different story; like being read a bedtime story. Seems like the chatter of radio is more relaxing than the chatter that goes on in my own head.

I didn't listen to Rush Limbaugh. I prefer radio one can learn from. My impression of Limbaugh, from the few times I heard him, was that he was more rhetoric and less educational.

Another, basically conservative host, that used to be on KGO in San Francisco many years ago, was Bill Wattenburg. Said to be a scientist. He had worked at Lawrence Livermore Lab and UC Berkley. A big advocate for nuclear power.

I just find out, searching for this post, Wattenburg has also joined the ranks of the deceased.

One of the slightly lesser known conservative hosts I use to listen to has died. I just found out doing some Google search. A very good writeup about Bill Wattenburg. Bill Wattenburg passed away in 2018 at age 82.

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