Friday, October 29, 2021

Democrat's hypocrisy dealing with climate change is easier to understand than Republican's total blocking of any attempts to address it.

Republicans seem to block any attempt to deal with climate change. One wonders if they don't care about future generations? Either that, or they don't believe the science. The science of climate change is getting more convincing each day.

What's wrong with Republicans? I'd like to ask if someone like Mitch McConnell thinks anything needs to be done about climate change?

I can better understand the seemingly hypocritical actions of liberals and Democrats when it comes to talking a good line about climate change, but still driving cars, complaining about rising gas prices and so forth. In a way, that's more understandable.

The carbon intensive American way of life has become so alluring and convenient that it is hard to change. The business models, for new ways of doing things, are not secure. One's survival and one's family's success often depends on playing the game of life the way it's been played for the past few decades.

In some ways, that problem is more understandable than what seems like the absolute blocking of any attempt to address climate change by Republicans.

Yes, maybe the second infrastructure bill isn't the best way to deal with this issue, but Republicans don't seem to offer ANY solutions to the climate change problem which I am pretty sure we are going to have to deal with; one way or another.

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