Friday, October 29, 2021

Blogs, Redditt and Flickr. Alternatives to Facebook?

For folks thinking of dumping Facebook, I do value expressing my thinking on Facebook, but there are alternatives. The alternatives are just not as alluringly convenient.

For instance there are forums on Redditt; which I'm thinking of learning to use.

As for my own outlets, I post a lot of the same pictures and comments on Flickr that I put on Facebook. For postings not related to photos, I use this blog.

One thing I like about Facebook, that Flickr or the blogs don't provide, is links and thumbnails to various articles in other media. I follow a lot of those links and post some of them myself.

There are other sources for media links. Yahoo News feed for instance. NPR Radio dishes up a lot of stuff as well. I navigate to lots of sites.

Another thing one can get from Facebook is the interaction. It can be alluringly convenient. It's the feedback of the network effect, but I'm noticing that it seems to be hitting a bit of a dry spell these days. Maybe people are backing off from Facebook a bit.

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