Thursday, March 17, 2022

To anxiety from the news. I try an steer my media diet toward analysis of various interesting topics, rather than day to day reporting.

Due to the distressing news that is bombarding us these days, my anxiety has been up and I haven't been sleeping as well. Probably something a lot of folks are experiencing.

So far, I feel mostly okay, in part, by using a strategy for absorbing media. I tend to avoid the painful pictures and stories of war and focus, instead, on issues of interest such as the effects on economics.

The internet helps a lot allowing me to navigate to what I need, so to speak. I try and keep my mind engaged with discussion while avoiding the more distressing and repetitive "news on the hour" type stuff.

I also like to discuss things with people, both in person and online.

My habit of falling asleep to NPR Radio (which runs the BBC at night) has had to change. Radio can be like white noise, or like being read a bed time story.

These days, the story can be more distressing so I am finding various talk shows, podcasts and lectures over the internet.

I am also on my bike a lot which is exercise. Good for reducing anxiety. Sometimes I forget to bring my phone with me.

When I do remember to bring my phone, which is most of the time, it doesn't seem to send me notifications or I don't bother checking them. I assume most of the notifications are either spam, or things I don't have to respond to right now.

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