Sunday, March 20, 2022

Worry about 5G's effect on human body could be a distraction, but there may be other problems with the rollout.

Seems like folks who worried about 5G's effects on the human body were barking up the wrong tree, but now we are learning about other problems with 5G.

Interference with other technologies that use airwaves in the microwave spectrum. Weather forecasting, satellite communications, research and the recent safety concerns about certain aircraft altimeters.

Stepping on the economic accelerator to roll out 5G causes some problems. I like science and technology, but the pressure to keep up with rising living costs and to keep jobs going can cause problems; like the phrase "don't let the grass grow under your wheels."

Then there is the worry that astronomers have about so many satellites, from Elon Musk and other sources, bringing interference to dark skys for astronomy. Interference in both the microwave spectrum for radio astronomy and reflected light for optical astronomy.

Interesting article How 5G wireless networks could send weather forcasting back 50 years. From Grist.

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