Sunday, October 09, 2022

Don't blame city of Bellingham. Blame whoever (private contractors?) thinks they have to charge that much for anaerobic sewage digesters.

Image taken from a trail that goes past Bellingham's current sewage plant.

Here in Bellingham, changing our sewage treatment to anaerobic digestion; especially if it recycles to growing plants, looked like a good idea, but ...

Why would it have to be so expensive? Close to a billion dollars total for a small city? Wisely, the city pulled the plug on that potential project.

Whoever provides those sewage solutions, is way too expensive. They just lost Bellingham as a potential client. I wonder if anyone could ever explain why anaerobic digestion has to cost that much? Maybe whoever that is will rethink their business plan.

I know that high speed rail is a budget buster as well, partially because of buying dedicated right of way and building all the overpasses for road crossings.

Why would anaerobic digesters have to cost so much? A head scratcher to me. Someone, in the private sector I guess, providing anaerobic digestion solutions for cities, must have toilets made out of gold in their mansions.

Providing composting toilets to all housholds might be less expensive.

Composting toilets could be a good solution for our homeless population that's living in RVs parked on some streets. These RVs would be difficult to connect to the sewer and waterlines anyway. Some of those neighborhoods smell of urin. Composting toilets could help.

Interesting article about the city dropping that plan in Sept. 28 2022 Cascadia Daily News, I saw it in the weekly print edition distributed around town.

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