Thursday, March 10, 2005

Raising Retirement Age?

This proposal sets better with me than Bush's idea of carving private investment accounts out of Social Security.

I have already done some of my retirement.

Done much contemplation, spent time with friends, enjoyed bicycle travel.

For many years, I worked part time and dabbled in creativity the rest of the time. Much of my retirement is "already under my belt," so to speak.

I have already done some things that people look forward to retirement for.

If I must work past 65, and I am still healthy, it wouldn't be so bad.

Much of my life, right out of college, I only worked part time. Not easy to find full time work in this area. It was a nice balance between work and play, anyway.

If I must work, especially part time, after 65, the balance remains.

This is a better idea than personal savings accounts which require one to have money. I don't have much money, but have had a good time and can continue to have a good time.

The line between retirement, work, play, school and all those things should be fuzzy anyway.

Some folks might be mad if they slaved away all their lives, especially for low wages, and now feel that even their retirement years are being taken away.

They might be pissed.

I am in a better situation than that. I don't have lots of money, but I have had a good time, even before my retirement. A whole life in the slow lane.

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