Thursday, October 30, 2008

I hope Obama wins

Most of my friends are toward the left of the political spectrum. If Obama were to loose, I'd be around a bunch of depressed people.

The "Blue Staters" would be blue. Blue as in singing the blues.

There would be folks wanting to move to Canada, some congregating here in Bellingham close to the border. Canadian immigration wouldn't necessarily open the floodgates.

It could be a dismal end to the year.

I'm voting for Obama even though I realize that no president wields a magic wand. It's up to the people to participate in a paradigm shift for this country.

Also, really the whole world.

Greener and more sustainable lifestyles, less greed and materialism, stronger emphasis on community good.

Obama is most likely to set a stage in which these transitions can occur.

Still, people are easily disappointed if folks keep wanting to have their cakes and eat them to. Promises can lead to disappointments, especially if the math doesn't add up.

We can bring back a sense of prosperity, but prosperity will have to be defined in new ways.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go, Robert! I'm voting for Obama too. Cheers! Your friend, Jean