Friday, March 12, 2010

Paying China back

About the only way we can pay China back for all the goods it has sent us is to start shipping goods and services back to China.

Someone just forwarded an email to me about this impressive cargo ship called the Emma Maersk. Ship made in Denmark, but now part of shipping commerce across the Pacific.


The Maersk can cross Pacific in about 5 days. It's 1302 feet long. Carries 15,000 containers full of products and only needs a crew of 13. Imagine, only 13.

A US aircraft carrier has a crew of 5,000, according to that email.

Then it says most of the containers go back to China empty. Yes, that email was about US jobs being outsourced.

I think, "maybe we can just sit back and let the 13 member crew bring us the goods while we go on welfare." Let China finance our government, which buying our debt basically does. And government is the largest consumer thus propping up US economy.

Maybe we have already paid off part of our debt to China and other world industrious powers.

Our military? Keeping the shipping lanes open including the Persian Gulf oil lanes to keep fueling the world economy.

Remember 5,000 crew to run an aircraft carrier and only 13 to run this huge cargo ship.

Also I hear industrial powers and think of the word industrious.

The industrious powers.

Work is good and being industrious is OK to a point, but things can get out of balance.

The way to pay China back is to start exporting our goods and services again.

Figure out how to lower our dollar, or something to balance world trade again.

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