Friday, March 12, 2010

Several connotations of obesity behind health care crisis

Obese corporate executive salaries in the health care industries.

Lifestyles leading to obesity among much of the general public increasing incidence of chronic disease.

An obese Congress mired in gridlock.

Out of control law suites and liability issues.

A president who is at least trying to sound the alarm, but even himself admits to sneaking in a cigarette now and then.

The post war baby boom "bulge in demographics" getting older. That's a bulge also.

Then there are the health care reform bills themselves. Heavy, thousands of pages and fine print. Could be good legislation, but large and obtuse are relevant adjectives.

You get the idea. Lots of things that aren't sustainable and need to be trimmed down, hopefully without too much pain.

Maybe pleasure trimming things down; like walking on a nice spring day if still possible.

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