Monday, October 18, 2004

Fort Ord bike path into Monterrey, CA. & more from my 2004 bike trip

Great bike path into Monterrey, CA. Goes through old Fort Ord. Each day, I am posting a few more images from last summer's trip.

I am posing in front of the carillon at top of Hoover Tower on Stanford University Campus. One of many things I visited during my 2004 bicycle tour.

Santa Cruz Surfer Sculpture. Seen along West Cliff Drive.  Many would say this surfer guy is younger and cuter than me, but he doesn't talk or swing his arms.  A standing model.

Phone booth at Madona Inn, San Luis Obispo, done in stone. These are some more pictures from my recent bicycle tour.

A home away from home that is larger than my home at home. This RV was seen proudly displaying the American Flag at a campground near Roseburg, OR. Spotlight illuminates flag showing thanks for nation that makes such large motor homes possible.

My bicycle is many times smaller and just think what this nation would be like if more people biked.  The flag could remain the same however.

More pictures from my 2004 bicycle tour.

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