Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Green Slime

Green Slime; a difference in this world

I wasn't planning to add my "two bits" toward a better world when I set out for yesterday's errands, on my bicycle.

One of the things I wanted to do was to put some green slime into my back tire. It prevents flats.

As I was squirting slime into my tube, the manager of the filling station I stopped at (where there is a free air hose) came out to fill another tank.

He was quite intrigued by the slime. Said, "I think I'll stock it in my store." "It makes sense." "There's Fix It for car tires, there would be something for bike tires as well." "It just never occurred to me." "We get a lot of bikes past here; they could use it."

I showed him the tube and explained that I had gotten it at a bike shop. Having it stocked at the mini-mart could add a level of convenience for bicyclists. Bike shops tend to be open more limited hours.

Riding a bike is a unique way to go. People don't see something like green slime every day. This little trip might have made a difference by influencing the inventory decisions of a popular mini-mart.

I often find my self answering questions about my bike, travel and lifestyle as go. These impromptu and unplanned conversations might do more than this blog. Who knows. If I was traveling like just about everyone else, in a car, people wouldn't notice.

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