Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fragrance Lake Rocks

A few days ago, I rode my bike up to Fragrance Lake in the Chuckanut Mountains near Bellingham. An old logging road from Clayton Beach's parking lot is blocked to motorized vehicles.

Makes a nice bike ride. Also a popular walk. Up hill, basically, all the way.

I put my bicycle in low gear and tuned my radio to Classic King FM as I peddled up the hill. Past cedar and douglas fir trees.

At the lake, another choice of music greeted me. Rock sound from the ghetto blaster of some young folks.

Young slim males with their shirts off. A mild erotic pleasure to the eye.

I didn't mind. I just slipped into the lake and pretended I was doing water aerobic in the pool. It was an energizing experience.

Some folks would complain about that music piercing lake tranquility, but I went with the flow. I didn't mind having an "urban experience."

Fragrance Lake is a popular place.

Another road and parking lot allows people to bring cars closer to the lake than Clayton Beach Parking lot. It's a shorter hike from "parking" when one takes the old road that is still open to cars above the lake.

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