Sunday, January 29, 2006

President Bush Refutes Fundamentalism?

It's an old law.

Going around that 1978 law requiring a court order before ordering wiretapping on US citizens.

Does this mean modern circumstances make old laws and prohibitions obsolete? Moral relativism?

I never thought I would hear someone, who allies himself with the religious right, advocate tossing the law just because it's old and possibly no longer useful in a modern situation.

I am not enough of an expert on that law to debate whether the President needed to bypass it, or not. Maybe the writers of that law put enough provisions it in so the court order could be obtained in a timely manner. Then the President was foolish to bypass it.

On the other hand, maybe that law means this. "When a terrorist is about to strike, you call the court and hear that you have to wait till the next business day, after 9." Too late.

I don't know, since I am not a legal expert, especially on that law.

Usually our nation's laws are more flexible and relevant to modern needs than so many of the old moral codes of religious fundamentalists.

It is interesting to hear Bush, who panders to the religious right, those guardians of rigid, laws and old morals, say, "it's an old law."

"Don't obey when it gets in the way."

That rhymes.

"Don't obey when it gets in the way." Could become the next Republican campaign slogan?

Moral relativism. It's getting some new converts.

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