Thursday, March 09, 2006

Minute Men Are Minute ... Small

Someone stuck a petition in my face asking me to sign against the Minute Men. Being a nice guy, I said yes, but I don't really care that much; one way or another. Yes, it's a hot button issue, and people get worked up about it, but beyond the symbolism, this isn't earth shaking.

Petition was asking Whatcom County Council to adopt a resolution against the Minute Men similar to what the City Council, in Bellingham has passed.

Oh well.

It's a cause celebre for both liberals and conservatives.

The real problem is over population; high birth rates in various countries around the world spilling over into this country. If conservatives are worried about illegal immigrants flooding over USA, they should support world wide family planning efforts. Let's hear it for Planned Parenthood.

If liberals are really concerned about human dignity, they should support up- zoning, density, housing construction and low income housing, so everyone coming here can have a place to live. Let's hear it for good city planning, public transit and all that. Yes, we can still plan green belts also.

Really, I don't think the Minute Men do that much harm, but they don't do much good either.

If a handful of folks want to sit up by the border, in their pickups, I am not going to lose sleep over it. Also, I'm not that impressed. I don't think there has been one interception of an illegal border crossing, due to the Minute Men, here in Whatcom County at least. Not that I have read about. Maybe it's just for political fanfare.

The Minute Men are minute on my list of social issues.

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