Thursday, March 16, 2006

State of Washington's new tourism slogan, Say Wa.

"Say WA."

That's really a sound byte. It is for the tourists who go to KFC because they don't have time for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It doesn't hold up traffic.

Now people talk about "doing" for travel. Like let's go to Hawaii and "do the Big Island." People can "do Washington," but it's faster to just say "Do WA."

The next state over is Idaho.

"I Da HO." If prostitution were legal, Idaho's motto could be "I Da Ho." Ho is short for whore.

Say WA, then look at your watch and have quickie sex at I Da Ho.

Moving on, moving on.

Moving on to Montana, what could that be?

You can't say cause you've got to run. The lunch break's over.

Commerce keeps it all moving along.

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