Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Did traffic kill Eyman's latest initiative?

Referendum 65 failed to get enough signatures to qualify for Washington State ballots. It was an attempt to overturn Washington's new law adding sexual orientation to the anti discrimination laws. With that initiative out of the way, the new civil rights law goes into effect Wednesday. Gay rights leaders can now celebrate.

It would have been poetic justice if Tim Eyman's referendum was squashed in traffic. At 4:30 PM, 1/2 hour before the signature deadline, a radio report said that an Eyman aid was hurrying toward Olympia with the last of the signatures. Radio said, "It's possible that I-5 traffic could determine the fate of the referendum."

Eyman first became famous for filing an initiative that cut car tab fees in Washington, thus leading to huge cuts in funding for public transit.

Since then, some transit agencies have recovered the lost revenue by adding other taxes.

Gee, maybe those last signatures for R-65 could have traveled to Olympia on Sound Transit? Whoops, I wonder if Sound Transit even goes to Olympia? With more funding, it could. Things like Sound Transit can slide people right past bottle necks on I-5.

Really, the traffic was a moot point. It looked like Eyman, and his aids, may have gotten to Olympia on time; barely. Hurrying up the steps just before that deadline, possibly panting all the way, there still weren't enough signatures.

Speaking of panting, when I hear Tim Eyman on the radio, he sounds like he's hyper ventilating. That's a byproduct of seeming to be angry much of the time. Why those bleep bleep politicians and we're not going to take it anymore.

On Monday, Eyman decided to capitalize on his negative image by showing up at a press conference in a Darth Vader outfit. That press conference was to announce that he was going to wait one more day to turn in the signatures. Rather than comfortably getting them in a day before the deadline, he decided to struggle clear to the last moment.

Well, he didn't make it. Washington State can now include sexual orientation in it's non discrimination laws.

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Anonymous said...

He knew he didn't have enough. Even after "referendum Sunday." If he would have had enough signatures, he would have delivered them by helecopter.