Saturday, December 15, 2007

A "take the plunge" swimming hole in Whatcom Falls Park

Probably not a good idea, though lots of people go there in the summer.

Local news has recently reported some law suite being filed against the city of Bellingham related to a serious injury that happened two years ago.

Supposedly, there aren't enough signs. Signs in real life, not above picture where I used photo editing software to replicate the sign.

Over the years, injuries have happened in this area.

It's another case of a law suite and I would think the city should NOT be held liable.

On the other hand, I can think of another argument for universal health care coverage. At least that way, medical bills are covered. I hate to be the Grinch that stole Christmas, so to speak.

Universal coverage would spread risk to the huge US population. Spread it thinner than just focusing guilt on one local government, company or what ever. Might reduce the take that so many lawyers get in our litigious society.

I favor universal access to health care. Sliding scale, single payer; what ever it takes.

Aside from these thoughts, I remember a 60 Minutes piece, or something like that (back when I had a television). It was about some town in California nearly shut down by the cost of liability insurance. Skating rink closed, bowling alley, swimming pool; just about everyplace where people congregated.

Law suites can equal astronomical costs for liability insurance.

They said that folks played in the street cause that was the only thing still open and the street is about as dangerous as it gets. That documentary segment was sometime in the 1980s. Now I even forget which town it was.

So I ponder what this city could potentially do to prevent people from entering some dangerous natural feature in the landscape.

Concertina wire?

Maybe getting close to risky areas could be as frowned upon as nude sunbathing tends to be in the places they call "family areas."

Still, lots of people rebel against being told NO.

In a different context, I remember seeing a sign in 2002, Yakima, WA. It said NO, quite a few times.


Unknown said...

As I began to read this post, I agreed with you...until I reached the Universal healthcare piece. Are you saying you are opposed to it b/c of liability, or is this sarcasm? I am in favor of universal healthcare. However, if we included that universal healthcare to include the holistic view, with emphasis on prevention through healthy lifestyle practices, that might work to eliminate the need for all the medical costs.

What I think I am hearing you say is that we have become too litigious as a society, which I definitely see happening a lot. This is all based of fear of dying. We all die, but Western culture is in denial most of the time.

There aren't enough signs, indeed. Ha Ha. Initially, I thought they really put that many up too deter people. The opposite usually happens, of course.

So, whatever happened to trying something and learning a lesson from it? We are also so afraid of dying, that we stop living.

Jump in! The water's fine. Just be aware that there is a risk involved. Just like everything in this world worth living for.

Have an awesome day!


Theslowlane Robert Ashworth said...

Thanks for above comment. I just edited in another phrase in my article to make it more clear that I support universal access to health care.