Monday, July 07, 2008

Fires in California and elsewhere

I don't normally blame all the odd weather on global warming. Weather varies a lot anyway while global warming is a long term trend.

Still, I keep reading that US southwest is predicted to get dryer in most models related to global warming. Seems like more often than not, they're talking drier than normal down there.

Up here as well, but maybe not as pronounced.

Drier weather.

Also, so many people moving out into forested areas.

Population growth / people trying to escape cities.

More houses in fire's path. Also more things to start fires, like yard waste burning and getting out of control.

Living in a concrete jungle, such as the "city" has some advantages. Concrete isn't as flammable.

In 2006, also some years before that, I biked through Big Sur where a lot of the fires are being reported in the news. It was a nice area.


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