Tuesday, February 22, 2011

News happens fast

So I can't really keep up on this blog, with worthwhile stuff to say at least. Still an occasional essay when my perspective offers something unique and I have time to write. Quite a few of my comments appear on my Facebook wall where there's both my posts and my reaction to other people's posts. Facebook is quite a tool of discussion. Too bad only people signed up as my friends can see the wall, but I have accepted all friendship requests so far. Feel free to join my friends on Facebook if you wish, even if you don't know me. This blog will continue with photos and essays that tend to be longer than Facebook posts. Often I link to this from Facebook for "more."

I also started Friends of Gay Bellingham fan page wall. It's visible to everyone. This fan page supplements Gay Bellingham Resource guide which I maintain.

The core of my online world is still Theslowlane.com

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