Monday, December 26, 2011

Time for a break

Even the 24 hour Haggens in Barkley Village took a break yesterday. Sometimes it's nice to see our 24 hour work a day world pause for a moment. Of course places like hospital emergency rooms and power plants can't, but people can value slowing down a bit more. Also slowing down at other times than just Christmas.

24 hour society is fine. Not everyone works 9-5. For instance me.

Taking breaks for rest and special moments is needed. Like summer vacations.

Below, posted earlier. October 2011.

Time to call it a day. We'll get back to it later.

Utility upgrade taking place around downtown Bellingham. New poles in some areas. I assume street light and phone lines will eventually be moved to the new pole, but this works for a while. Some old poles are coming out.

Behind YMCA, some transformers that are too close to buildings are coming down and new transformers are going underground. That ally should look less cluttered before too long.

The economy isn't totally dead, but there's always more stuff that needs to be done and more jobs that need to be created.

There's an old phrase that says, "a man's work is never done." These days, it should say "man and woman's work." Also, if the work were ever done, what would we do?

Going on vacation would be nice for at least part of the time.

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