Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan VP fanfare, but governor of Virginia gave most substantive speech

I listened to the fanfare when Paul Ryan was announced as GOP vice presidential candidate for 2012. Most substantive speech, at the occasion, was given by the governor of Virginia, who also spoke, but his speech will most likely be forgotten as a side note. He offered some specific Republican style proposals about getting America working again. Mining coal, fracking for natural gas. Basically, pumping up our old fossil fuel economy.

No mention of global warming, of course. Will this be the economy of the future?

Romney and Ryan also gave rousing speeches, but mostly empty rhetoric about getting America prosperous again. No specific mention of coal and no mention of the Ryan budget proposal, of a year or so back, which did offer some specifics, but, like coal gives people pause. Basically, the Ryan budget called for ending Medicare as we know it among other things.

I plan to vote for Obama.

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Nikki said...

I am not agree with you, i am planing to vote Ryan...

Medicare Virginia