Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Overpopulated Egypt still threatened by rainbow flag. Doesn't make sense.

Photo source: BBC News.

It makes no sense. In Egypt, just raising a rainbow flag at a concert can get one arrested. I guess anything that deviates from mainstream heterosexual lifestyle is considered a threat in Egyptian society. What's really a threat is overpopulation; or maybe too much heterosexuality.

I tend to connect issues that others don't connect. Coincidentally, another article has recently come out about Egypt's growing population being threatened by water shortage. That population is around 93 million by now. Turns out this new dam is nearing completion on a tributary of the Nile River. The new dam, called Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, is upstream in Ethiopia. There's worry about more use and diversions of precious water.

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Theslowlane Robert Ashworth said...

This doesn't negate the problem of overpopulation, but maybe the Ethiopian dam doesn't have to be a threat to Egypt. I'm no expert on that region, but here in USA / Canada we have the Columbia River. There are dams on the Columbia that are upstream from our dams here in USA. Operation of all those dams is governed by a treaty called The Columbia River Treaty. The dams in Canada are actually seen as beneficial to dams farther down stream as they store water. This allows more water to be available at times when it's needed downstream for electric power production. The river usually has peak flow during snow melt in spring, but the dams store that water for when it's needed at other times of the year. Cooperation is the name of the game.