Monday, December 18, 2017

Hurray. Democrat Doug Jones wins over Republican Roy Moore in Alabama

I'm very happy that Doug Jones won out over Roy Moore in Alabama. Moore's right wing politics is very toxic including his anti LGBT stands. His alleged sexual misconduct is a problem also.

I wish to not use the word pervert, tho, in a derisive way as that tends to marginalize folks who's sexuality falls outside a norm. Many unusual forms of sexuality and fetishes are harmless. Screenshot below is from a website called Fet Life which serves a community of people with various fetishes. As a subtle form of humor, the abbreviation "perv" is used instead of "prev" for navigation buttons while looking at pictures on the site.

As for going out with teenagers, sexual morality is definitely changing in society. The me to hashtag is pushing that change along. Hope the changes are beneficial and not bringing the unintended consequence of a new puritanism. I would guess that consent is held in higher regard, these days than in the past. Underage people are not considered able to give consent. There was a time when marrying a young teenager was quite common, however. A sign that ethics are changing. Back then, homosexuality between consenting adults was taboo while marrying an underage person was normal. Marriages in the past were even arranged by parents or village matchmakers. I recently heard in a BBC Radio documentary where someone can be married off to their rapist in USA. Common in a lot of other countries, but it still can happen even in USA.

From what I gather, underage marriage is still legal in many states besides just Alabama. Seems strange to me that age of marriage and age of consent are different. A sign that we are in a time of transition. Out goes the old order, in comes the new.

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