Thursday, October 25, 2018

This sculpture reflects Bellingham, city of subdued excitement

Bellingham is often referred to as the "City of Subdued Excitement." Seems a fitting way to describe the acid ball sculpture in our Waypoint Park. An acid tank from the defunct Georgia Pacific pulp mill now repurposed as art in the park. Cool idea. Cover it with reflective particles; like used for signs on the freeway. Shine LED lighting on it. I was expecting some dazzling thing like a disco ball, but that may be too glitzy for Bellingham. The lights are shinning and reflecting off it's rusty surface, covered with that reflective material, but somehow it seems to have missed it's potential. That may still be okay as it fits in with the grey skies and the cool, moist air.

There's a dance that I often go to on Thursday evenings. I sometimes worry that the dance could be running out of energy. Attendance small, energy subdued; at least during sunny days. Subdued during last summer's smoky days. People comment that they are working through grief, pain and what ever. The national news rests heavy. I worry about the outcome of this November election. Are folks going to really be depressed if it goes south; so to speak? Going south in more ways than one, I guess.

Where's the celebration, joy and pleasure in people's lives? Can't we still live the way we wish the world could be?

Now that the weather is cooling down, I think the attendance, at that dance, may pick up. I was headed there today, but didn't quite make it as another gathering spot also starts to regain momentum when the sun hides. It's the YMCA sauna. Occasionally a space of conversation, but that can get so good as to extend into the dance time. At least that's what happened today. I do wish I could clone myself, but there's always next week.

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Theslowlane Robert Ashworth said...

From comments to my Facebook page.

I agree Robert. Seeing this it really does not fit the excitement needed. Polish it. Bring life to it.

More response from me.

When I first heard about this design for the sculpture, I thought the reflective beads would be larger and maybe have the LEDs inside them; like hippie beads. Glowing in bright colors against the rusty backdrop. I realized, after it was finished, that it's covered with a sandy like reflective material; like what's used on highway signs and road striping, I think. Even that can pop out to the eye as highway signs and markings pop out at night along a freeway. Still, somehow it falls short of that. I don't know the intent. Maybe it doesn't have the same material as the highway signs or the LEDs that it reflects are not bright enough? I do like the rust, but the reflectivity of the substance that is supposed to be reflective, that they (sprayed?) on the ball, seems to be lost in the darkness of its rusty background.