Thursday, January 14, 2021

Suggestion for simplifying vaccination process

As for the rollout of the vaccine, following the priority list might be creating complexity. There may need to be some simplification of criteria.

In determining if someone has health conditions, besides just age, that might put them at risk, how about using the concept of a doctor's prescription?

If priority has to be determined on the honor system, that could be a problem.

If the vaccination clinic has to figure out who qualifies, that's extra paperwork slowing the process. Maybe it should just be based on a doctor's prescription. Simple piece of paper. Let the doctors decide if they wish to write that prescription for each patient.

Just another thought In my brainstorming mind. Maybe they are already thinking of this.

I sent this suggestion to my state legislators.

Another thought I had is this.

It will be a while till my cohort of people is eligible. No need to call up and bother healthcare people or even accidentally crash websites as part of a fad looking for information. When they are ready for my cohort, it will be all over radio, TV, and the newspapers.

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