Thursday, January 14, 2021

Telecom carrier of publisher? Decide for each message, depending on how big an audience that message reaches.

You can yell fire in the virtual theater, but due to information overload, hardly anyone would know. Hardly anyone; except for the algorithms. The algorithms could flag it.

I heard a very good suggestion from a professor who was interviewed on NPR. About how to treat messages on social media platforms. What's the responsibility of the company that owns the platform, like Facebook?

According to this professor, messages that reach large audiences need to be treated like the platforms are publishers. They need the same accountability, fact checking and editing standards that apply to traditional mainstream media.

On the other hand, messages that don't reach huge audiences should only be subjected to a lower standard of editing responsibility; such as if the platform were considered a telecom carrier.

I think, algorithms can easily tell how many people are reached by a message.

Examples of messages that reach larger audiences would be memes that go viral. Other examples would be messages from the rich and famous, such as the President of the United States. Another example could be messages that are pushed forward by money, such as claims made in political, or other advertising.

I thought her idea was good, but I should look up the reference. Just something I heard on the radio, but didn't have a note pad with me.


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