Thursday, February 11, 2021

I think protesting is overrated. Other means might work better to bring social change

I've been thinking that protesting is overrated. Not that protesting is all bad, but it's overrated as a means toward social change.

More important, to me, is civil discussion and learning. Evolution in thinking. Another important thing is how we live our lives. How we treat people when we do have some power; like on the job or as customers, landlords, tenants and neighbors.

It's important what we consume from the environment. Basically, how we live our lives can make incremental changes each day.

At best a lot of protests seem to be just preaching to the choir. Easy for others to just pass by and think, "there are those (fill in the blanks) again." Passing traffic barely has the time to pay attention to signs and if it does, it's mostly just the sound bytes they've already stereotyped.

At worse, protests that lead to disruption and / or safety concerns can lead to severe pushback.

Seems like when the protests for more Democracy in Hong Kong may have created enough disruption to create worse pushback. I think Hong Kong is more oppressive now than it was before; at least from what I gather in the news.

Seems like incremental change works better. Usually things don't get fixed overnight. Some protests are good, but they can go too far and create unintended consequences.

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