Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Philadelphia experimenting with ban on police pulling over drivers for minor offences

More chaos on the roads?

Philadelphia Police will not pull people over for minor offences, such as a light out, license obscured or even noise and pollution. One can still be pulled over for more serious things, like speeding.

Here in Washington State, I hear lots of people complain that they don't seem to enforce smog and noise limits anymore. Yes, I've noticed some cars are real loud. Loud tailpipes.

This issue relates to police, race relations, but I often think about other types of topics; like the chaos caused by automobiles in the first place.

We can see if this experiment brings more, or maybe less chaos. Article says that most Philadelphia police are okay with this change. It is seen as a way to focus police time on more serious crimes.

I keep reading, in Strong Towns Facebook Group, that we need to design roads, in town, for less speed. Rely less on the over burdened police and more on road design to calm the traffic.

The minor violations, such as a light out or license obscured, can still be picked up by traffic cams. Article says citations can still arrive in the mail.

One wonders how a traffic cam can know where to mail the citation to if the license is obscured.

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