Monday, March 07, 2022

Europe's dependency on Russian energy, compared to US, not necessarily fault of greener society. US does have more oil and gas supplies, however.

Europe has been more dependent on natural gas and oil from Russia than USA. From what I hear around 1/3 of Europe's natural gas and 1/4th the oil that Europe uses.

In general Europe is better at conservation, alternative energy, city planning, transportation and so forth than USA. USA is less dependent on Russian supplies mostly because USA produces a lot more of it's own oil and gas than Europe.

Maybe that's the luck of geography. I wouldn't know. USA is a big oil and gas producer. Thankyou fracking, I guess, but also it could be the geology that happens to be underground in USA compared to Europe.

UK and Norway produce a lot from the North Sea.

My major, in college, was Geography. One of my favorite classes was Economic Geography.

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