Friday, March 18, 2022

Why we should worry about climate change even though the earth's climate would keep changing anyway without us?

Some people think climate change isn't a big deal. The area that is now Seattle was under a mile of ice 13,000 years ago. So I guess it doesn't matter if much of Florida is under water in 30 years?

Wait a minute. It should matter to us. People alive today will probably still be living in 30 years.

It's a matter of time scales. It should matter to civilization, insurance companies, investors, parents with kids and so forth as climate change is bringing big changes now and in the next few decades.

Drought in the American Southwest seems like an even more imediate problem than rising sea levels. That's why folks are worried about climate change. It isn't about 13,000 years, or millions of years when we think there were palm trees at the north pole. Do you want that to possibly happen in the near future, while we are still on this planet? It's mostly about us.

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