Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Picture Boulevard Park walkway, Bellingham

The new walkway south of Bellingham's Boulevard Park is done. Connects the park to the old Taylor Street Dock. I don't use it often if I am just trying to bike to the south side of town. Crowded with strollers, I only use it if I am in the mood to take in the view; poke along. For a more pragmatic bike commute, I use access road out of the south end of the Boulevard Park parking lot. Then head south on Tenth back to the trail.

This is not a normal rock, seen between the shoreline and the new walkway south of Boulevard Park. Early in Bellingham's history (so I heard) a big cannery swept tin out the back door, over a period of years. The pile bacame a tiny tinflake island.

One can swim out to this island, but the flakes of metal are sharp. It is easy to get cut sticking your hands here.

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