Friday, October 29, 2004

My Meeting With Congressman Jay Inslee

Some people wondered, "what was Inslee doing in this (the 2nd) congressional district?" Wouldn't he be campaigning in his own (the 1st) district?

It was a local forum on Energy. Introducing something called Apollo Pac.

I was impressed. Remembering that "can do" spirit that got Americans to the moon, why can't we develop alternative energy with a similar gusto? Wind energy, solar, hybrids, bicycles, transit, changing town planning, no shortage of innovations for adding to the mix.

About 30, or so, energy minded folks gathered to hear his presentation and then participate in a lively question and answer session.

Forum organizers were smart enough to reserve the space for at least an hour after the formal "question and answer" so people could mingle, among one another, networking so to speak. A lot of Bellingham's creative thinkers were there. People need to talk to one another as well as hear from the "big guys," like the Congressman.

Rather than zipping off, in some limousine, Inslee stayed in the room also. He joined in to some of our circles of discussion. I was happy to interact with him, as well as others in the room. Even shook his hand. Hope I didn't give him the slight cold I have.

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