Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Was Iraq war about oil?

Basically yes, the first war (early 1990s) at least.

The second war might have been more about clearing up unfinished business from the first war.

First war had a lot to do with oil. Iraq accusing Kuwait of side drilling. Oil flowing underground not following borderlines. Iraq and Kuwait arguing over who's sucking it out from under the other side.

Then you have the oil thirsty west worried about "stability of Persian Gulf supplies." Not wanting instability to consume the region. It would disrupt the economy.

How can people get to work?

Get the kids off to school, day care?

Soccer moms, security moms?

The West was too dependent on that region. Not enough people ride bicycles, or use public transit. SUV's getting more popular.

After the first war, many folks felt the job was abandoned. Uprisings in Iraq, against the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein were abandoned by US military.

Let down in their time of need.

US finally decided to topple the dictator that they had helped to create.

Maybe the second war wasn't all about oil. It was about unfinished business. Even some human rights concerns.

Still, oil lead to the entire situation.

To prevent future problems, will we ever become less dependent on gobbling up world resources for the "good life?"

The bicycle is one step toward peace.

Also I hope things get better now that Iraq has had an election.

Still lots of news on Iraq last weekend.

My radio bubbles with hints of some optimism now that the historic election has taken place.

George Bush may have pulled off another partial success.

If liberals want something different, it is time to really change the way we live, at the grass roots level.

The bicyclist can afford to be less concerned about "stability" in the Persian Gulf, what ever that means.

Stability for who?

That question never quite goes away.

History moves on.

I just hope for the best.

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