Monday, March 07, 2005

12 Reasons not to live in Bellingham or Whatcom County

There are some individuals and organizations such as Pro Whatcom that are worried about rapid growth in this area.

I am not necessarily against growth, but here are some marketing suggestions that people who are against growth might consider. A list of bad things about this area that might discourage folks from moving here. Negative marketing suggestions.

Feel free to use items from this list, even though I am not normally this pessimistic about things. It's just something to think about.

1. The source of drinking water for Bellingham and some of Whatcom County, (Lake Whatcom) has been declared a polluted body of water.

2. Housing is among the most expensive in Washington State.

3. People with masters degrees are often found waiting tables. Competition for jobs beyond low level service / retail sector jobs is fierce.

4. Northern latitude means long dark winters (don't mention long light period in summer).

5. Cloudy climate, and some other factors, lead to high suicide rates in western Washington.

6. I-5 corridor and proximity to Canadian border, creates lots of drug traffic and law enforcement needs.

7. Many desperate folks trying to get into Canada, or headed to Alaska, end up homeless in Bellingham.

8. Emergency medical services levy failed in 2004. The only public facility levy to pass in Bellingham (2004 election) was a much needed new jailhouse.

9. Rapid population growth is causing traffic snarls, growing pains and some resentment of newcomers by local residents.

10. Un like California with it's miles of "public access" beaches, much of our local shoreline is "private property."

11. Bellingham is occasionally called "Boringham."

12. A popular hangout is a bar that is sometimes nicknamed "Tumor's." (If Washington State passes a smoking ban, in pubs, that nickname may cease to apply.)


Anonymous said...

Why, you're a regular anti-Chamber of Commerce, or Chamber of Anti-commerce! Those are good points.

The truth is, unless we are very active, because this place is still a lot nicer than most places (though getting worse, as your list observes), until this place is just as bad as every place else, people will continue to move here. For example, very few people voluntarily move to Los Angeles. I mean, they move there because they think they can get a job, but not because its a nice place to live. It used to be, even when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

Just be thankful that you don't live in the midwest, better known as the "BIBLE BELT".

Anonymous said...

You are just another one of those, don't move here and spoil my paradise people. Pardaise found, your secret is out. Stop lying to people about the wonderful life in Bellingham, a small, uncluttered, what Seattle used to be like town.
Get over it. We are coming.

Theslowlane Robert Ashworth said...

Re: Above comment: Some of the other articles on my site and blog have been more favorable to growth. This "12 reasons not to move here" article is just a few marketing, (or anti marketing) suggestions for the people who oppose growth to consider using. On the other hand, there are some things I like about growth if planning is well done. Denser cities tend to be friendlier to non car oriented lifestyles, for instance.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but think #9 is your real motivation behind this list and website as a whole.

Overwhelmingly negative.

I understand 'you' guys trying to protect your way of life and all that but you're doing your city and self a disservice.

We ARE coming...

Anonymous said...

We're already here. HA Just moved here a year ago from South Florida. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Sure, keep coming and soon you'll enjoy another LA. Thank you guys and welcome!