Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Senate Approves Oil Drilling In Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

I am not surprised. More Republicans than Democrats in Senate.

Also, there was a recent survey, done here in Bellingham, about how people transport themselves. The survey concluded that people "talk green," but still rely on the automobile for a very high percentage of trips.

The "green means" of transportation, such as walking, bicycling or public transit, only account for a small percentage of trips.

In other words, talk is green, but not action.

The study also has funding to sit down with people and discuss transportation choices. It reported an increase in the use of "green travel," after people were counselled, one to one, on their options.

This second part of the study was encouraging.

Basically, many green talkers are hypocrites, before the study, but after the one on one counselling part of that study, people improved.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robert:
Yesterday I wanted to get some bills out in the mail postmarked for Friday, but it was after 3pm. There are only two collection boxes in all of Bellingham that pick up after that, at 5pm, and they are located at the two post offices, on Sunset and downtown. When I think about the thousands of area residents who need to get something in the mail before a due date, a late charge, etc. and can't wait for the next pick-up day and then have to drive to the post offices every day, it seems that a whole lot of energy is consumed by cars, trucks and SUVs, often with only one driver. I asked at the post office why they don't put more boxes out around the city that have a 5pm pickup, and they said they don't know. I'm thinking of writing a letter to the editor the Herald about this, considering all the wasted fuel that this causes, when one energy-efficient post office jeep could drive to a dozen or so boxes from 5 to 6pm every day to pick up late drops, and get them postmarked that day. What do you think about that? Has anyone ever written the paper about it?