Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Newsweek Magazine

Gets the blame, but it's rioters who are the true culprits in that Koran desecration debacle.

The Bush administration is reacting the way New York City officials reacted to the 1977 New York blackout.

Blame the power company.

During a 1977 power outage, many neighborhoods of New York City erupted in violence. I remember hearing city officials demand that the power company never allow this to happen again.

That's a tall order.

Power companies can't be infallible.

It did happen again, in 2003, but the city was much better behaved. Some responsibility must rest on the residents who can choose violence or peaceful means to deal with a situation.

Like power companies, news medias are not perfect either.

Riots that took place in Islamic countries have set the stage for the Bush administration to mount it's attack on the media. Riots created a golden opportunity for the Bush White House to walk right in and take advantage of the situation. Intimidate the media.

If the media can't occasionally take risks, possibly not getting the story right, the true story may never be known.

Rioters are responsible for much of this debacle. A famous quote, heard often on Paul Harvey News goes.

"Self government requires self discipline."

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