Monday, May 16, 2005

Paper & Cloth

It doesn't make sense that such a big deal would be made about pieces of paper. Pages of the Koran that were, supposedly, desecrated.

Now it looks like this may have not even happened. The paper that makes up the pages of Newsweek Magazine isn't infallible either.

It's all just pieces of paper. Why make such a big deal out of this? People died in the riots.

It's like desecrating the American Flag. That's just a piece of cloth.

When someone burns a piece of cloth, in public, they could likely be cited under existing laws against reckless endangerment or outdoor burning. Special laws of protection, because it is the flag, are un needed.

For some reason, people put a lot of stock in pieces of paper and cloth. Flags, Bibles, Korans.

Of course it is important to have laws and order in our societies, but we can go overboard.

These papers and cloths are not God. Following the letter of the law, with out the spirit, is problematic. Fundamentalism is problematic.

I say, lighten up folks.

Even "money," which is another piece of paper, has its limitations.

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