Saturday, November 19, 2005

Aftermath of Chaos Theory ball drop when Bond Hall at WWU had an atrium

Do I really know what I am talking about with a blog post about chaos theory? Does it look impressive soon after one titled Is evolution intelligent design?

I wouldn't try to impress folks by discussing chaos theory, I really don't know that much about it.

Found a picture from the demonstration of said theory that was held last year. (Maybe two years ago).

Up at Western Washington University, just a few blocks from my home, there was a demonstration of chaos theory. Thousands of rubber balls were dropped in the atrium of a classroom building.

They fell and bounced all the heck around.

Quite a sight, for several seconds.

I was too shy, or forgot, to bring my camera, but another drop was planned in a few days.

Drops were in the atrium of Bond Hall. Some folks call it "Bondage Hall" after hearing about long homework assignments.

Next time, I brought my camera.

A drop was planned, but I miss read the time in the newspaper. As I walked across Red Square I heard the rushing sound. Thousands of balls bouncing around. I hadn't gotten to the building yet.

After that crucial moment, I stepped inside with my camera, anyway.

Got above image of balls strewn about the atrium floor. Maybe this image is just as good as the blur of bouncing balls.

Lots of cute college students were around to witness the event. Math majors and so forth.

Since those days, Bond Hall has been remodeled and the atrium has been filled in.

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